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How do you know if your estate will be liable for Inheritance Tax and what is the biggest single factor in Bristol?

It could be your house. But before discussing the value of your property, there are 4 important things to say about Inheritance Tax: Your estate may...

The new tool from the Alzheimer’s Society that helps you quickly check the symptoms of dementia

What are the signs that someone has dementia? It's hard to interpret if you're not familiar with them, which is why a new checklist...

How to set up an Apple legacy contact on your iPhone or Mac (and why you should do it now)

What happens to your Apple iCloud data after you die? You might assume that the executors of your Will would have the legal right to access your...

How to set a Google legacy contact for your account and 5 good reasons why you should

If you're like most people, you probably have a lot of sensitive information stored in your Google account. From emails and contacts to Google Drive...

Should I wait until I get married to make a Will?

There's no need to put off making a Will until you get married – indeed it’s far better to do it before. Why is that? The idea that it’s better to...

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